Tips for home remodeling on a budget in Maryland

Dec 2, 2021 | 0 comments

Home improvement projects can get incredibly expensive quickly. While you’re probably already aware of how much your project is going to cost, it’s important to remember that more often than not, there are unexpected costs that will drive the price of your project even higher. This is why it’s best to set your budget for labor and materials lower than your budget. Remember, it’s better to come in below your projected cost than above it. To help with this, our team at Protector Construction has tips for home remodeling in Maryland on a budget.

Shop around

Keep in mind that there is more than one contractor in your area who’s capable of doing a great job with your home remodel. However, not all are going to offer you the same price. It’s important to shop around and gather several estimates before you make a hire so you can make sure you’re getting the best price for the work done.

Hire an expert

You’ll find that one of the first recommendations you’ll get when you’re trying to stick to a remodel on a budget is to do it yourself. Although this can save you money in the short term, it’s important to consider the potential long-term ramifications of a DIY job. Most people aren’t well-versed in what it takes to perform a remodel so they’re going to be learning as they go. This can lead to substandard work that needs to be fixed a few months or years down the road. Get the job done right the first time by hiring an expert contractor to do the hard work for you.

Reuse materials

If your vision of a remodel includes tearing out all the tile and flooring in your house, consider what you can save and reuse. Some of the tiles in your bathroom can be repurposed to create a beautiful backsplash in your kitchen, or you can take some of the countertops in the kitchen and have them installed in your bathroom. Cabinets can also be repainted with fresh doors and hardware to make them look like new. Not everything needs to be entirely replaced with new materials.

Shop sales

There are certain times of the year when appliances, furniture, and fixtures will go on sale. You can either plan ahead and buy beforehand or plan your home remodel around these sales. You can usually save yourself hundreds of dollars on materials and appliances by being aware of when these sales will happen so you can plan accordingly.

Consider substitutes

It’s not uncommon to want to install high-end marble countertops or limestone floors. These are quality materials that can take a significant chunk out of your budget and leave you having to make compromises in other areas. You can substitute many of these materials with a cheaper option that’s just as visually appealing and functional as your first choice. For example, you can save on floor tiles by substituting ceramic tiles for limestone. This is considerably less expensive and you can get tiles that provide the same beautiful look.

Think efficiently

It’s not uncommon to want to kick out a wall and expand your living room or kitchen. While this idea seems like a great way to go initially, the amount of time, materials, and labor that it will take can chew up your budget rather quickly. Consider installing custom cabinets that will help to reduce some of the clutter in the room rather than trying to make it physically bigger.

Contact us for an estimate

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