Most requested renovations home remodeling companies get in Maryland

Dec 2, 2021 | 0 comments

There are certain areas of your home that you use more than others. Perhaps you spend a considerable amount of time in the living room but next to none in the garage. The kitchen is the place you’re likely to spend most of your time because of time spent cooking and eating each day. Home remodeling companies in Maryland get some rooms in the home that are much more requested to renovate than others. If you’re curious what these are, take a look below and you can see some of the most popular renovations projects our clients with Protector Construction request.

Updating the kitchen

As we mentioned, the kitchen is one of the places in the home where you’re going to spend most of your day. Because of this, you not only want it to be functional, it needs to be comfortable. This means the cabinets where you store your dishes should be easily accessible and the pantry needs to hold enough food items that you don’t feel like you’re constantly making trips to the grocery store. All this while the mixing bowls are pushed back out of the way, but they’re still accessible.

Our team can help you create the perfect kitchen to fit your needs. If you like to have clean countertops, we’ll build cabinets and a pantry that can facilitate keeping the toaster and microwave out of your way. You can update your kitchen as much or as little as you’d like. Whether it’s a complete overhaul with new appliances and countertops or something as small as painting your current cabinets and replacing the doors.

Expanding the master bedroom

As kids leave the house you start to have more and more space throughout your home. If you have an extra bedroom that’s not being used, you can kick out a wall and make your master bedroom bigger. This is a great way to give yourself more room in the bedroom, make space for a larger master bathroom, or even get that walk-in closet you’ve always wanted.

Modernizing the bathroom

After years of having an alcove bath and shower, it’s not uncommon to have a desire to make a change to a standalone or walk-in shower. You can modernize your bathroom by mixing up the type of shower you have.

If you’re not quite ready for a complete overhaul of your bathroom, swap out the sink and put in a new one with fresh cabinets. Give yourself some more storage space for extra towels and toiletries.

Redoing the flooring

It’s not unusual for carpet and vinyl flooring to get worn out after years of food traffic. Even tile can crack, break, and come loose over time. You can have your flooring redone with a new iteration of the current material, or make a major change by switching from linoleum to wood or carpet to tile. Whatever change you’d like to make, our team is ready to help with your renovation.

Building an outdoor living space

After we’ve all spent a year-plus indoors, outdoor living is the new indoor living. Building outdoor living spaces that are designed to host guests for socializing and cookouts have become increasingly popular. Features like built-in grills with stone countertops, lounge furniture, and lighting are features that help to create an outdoor area where you can host friends and enjoy a summer evening.

Contact us for an estimate

If you’d like to get an estimate for your next home renovation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Protector Construction. We’re proud to be one of your home remodeling companies in Maryland that can perform high-end renovations in your home. Contact us by calling or sending a message and we’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.