How to know when your Lanham, MD home needs a bathroom renovation

Dec 2, 2021 | 0 comments

As one of the most-used rooms in your Lanham, MD home, the layout and function of your bathroom is important — especially for your own sanity. After all, little inconveniences can quickly add up, turning your everyday get-ready routine into a stressful experience.

So whether you’ve purchased a home with a bathroom that needs some extra TLC or decided on a bathroom renovation for your 10-year old property, here’s how to really know whether you’re ready to take the plunge on this decision.

When does your Lanham, MD home need a bathroom renovation?

1. You’re sick of looking at outdated design features

Stepping into your bathroom is like stepping back in time — but not in a good “retro” or “vintage” way. Maybe the color scheme or specific features are dating the room, but you want to bring this space into the modern era (and not feel embarrassed when guests use the bathroom).

2. Your bathroom has a leak or is showing signs of mold

By the very nature of its use, it’s very likely that one (or both) of these concerns may pop up in your bathroom eventually.

But these inconveniences can become a very real — and expensive — problem if you keep putting it off until later. Why not take care of it now, and redesign your bathroom the way you want to in the process?

3. You’re not fond of the bathroom lighting

Ambience is crucial for bathroom lighting, but so is task lighting — and you’ll likely need both to get the best use out of this crucial space in your home. When you work with a professional home renovation team, they can help you design a better lighting scheme so you get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

4. The layout of the room is inconvenient or doesn’t make any sense

Bathrooms in older or smaller properties can sometimes have wonky layouts — for example, a toilet flush against the bathroom door or towel racks on the completely opposite side of the shower or tub.

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with these inconveniences forever. With a renovation, you can create a bathroom layout that makes sense for how you use it and, in the process, simplify your everyday activities.

5. You’re wishing for additional storage space

You probably store many things in your bathroom (think of all the things you use your bathroom for!) but you don’t want them in sight, where they can clutter your counters and put your personal business on display for your guests.

Enter: functional bathroom storage. A bathroom renovation can include additional storage space for all of your things so that every item has its place — and none of it is within eyesight.

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