How to estimate Washington DC home renovation costs virtually

Dec 2, 2021 | 0 comments

Nothing beats in-home visits for accurate home renovation estimates. But in the current situation, we won’t be able to offer those anytime soon.

In the meantime, however, we’ve begun offering virtual estimates to help you get a clear picture of your renovation or remodeling costs — all while keeping you and your family safe in the process.

Here’s how to get an estimate for your Washington DC home’s renovation costs online.

1. Schedule a virtual consultation with a member of our team

First, you’ll want to make an appointment with Protector Construction by filling out this form on our website. (Note that your appointment date and time is not set until you receive confirmation from our team.)

Once you have your appointment time locked in, you’ll receive an email with details on how to connect with us on the day of your consultation. Depending on the option you choose, download one of the following video conference apps in advance so you don’t run into any technical difficulties right before your appointment time:

  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Facetime
  • Zoom Meetings


2. Prepare for the consultation

Gather the most important details about your project — things like your budget, timeline, goals, and the dimensions of the space you’re working with. This will help our team better understand what you’re looking for.

Some questions to think about:

  • What do you want to change or update about this part of your home?
  • What parts of your remodel or renovation are the biggest priority for you?
  • Do you want to finance your renovation or will you be paying out-of-pocket?
  • What questions do you have for us?

Consider compiling your favorite interior design looks on Instagram or Pinterest too. Remember: A picture is worth a thousand words!

3. Coordinate schedules with your “team”

If you live with a partner or your family, consider having them join you on the call so they can provide their input too. This will save you time that you would’ve spent getting them up-to-speed later on, so we can focus on the details that really matter.

4. Show up for your virtual appointment

It’s time! After the initial introductions and briefing on your project, we’ll ask you to take us on a virtual tour of your space so we can better visualize what we’ll be working with.

If you or your partner have any ideas for your remodeling or renovation, now’s the perfect time to bring them up. Get as visual and creative as you like — think sketches, pictures, models, and more.

5. Get a free quote for your home renovation project

After our call, we’ll do some number-crunching to determine the cost of the project. We’ll then reach out to you with a thorough quote outlining the estimated costs and timeline for your remodel or renovation.

If everything looks good on your end, we’ll both sign the contract and start work according to the timeline!

Request your virtual home renovation estimate from Protector Construction today

When you’re looking for a company offering virtual estimates for your Washington DC home renovation project, turn to the trusted experts at Protector Construction.

Since 1999, we’ve helped homeowners in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia turn so-so properties into the homes of their dreams. We’re proud of our track record, and that’s why we pull out all the stops to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the results of your home improvement project.

To get your free virtual estimate, book your appointment today using the contact form on our website. A member of our team will then reach out to you within 48 hours of receiving your message.

On the other hand, if you have any pressing questions or concerns about our services, you can reach us directly by calling (301) 799-7775.