4 DC Home Improvement Projects that Make Property Value Soar

Dec 2, 2021 | 0 comments

When you decide to place your property on the market, you understandably want it to fetch the highest price possible. With average home sales prices in Washington DC up 14.7% in some counties, this is a wise time to boost your property’s value to get the highest return.

Protector Construction has renovated homes in the DC area since 1999, and over that time, we’ve seen the projects that add the most value. And we’ve seen how trends shift, enabling us to install futureproofed, value-boosting renovations.

Straight from us, discover DC home improvement projects that can lead to a dramatic increase in your home’s valuation.

#1: Remodel the kitchen


The kitchen is widely recognized as having a strong influence on the value of a home. And it’s also well known as an area of the home where there’s vast opportunity for transformational renovations.

Ideas you may want to consider include redoing your cabinets, extending the kitchen, and adding an island.

A statement feature that is elegant and eye-fetching, such as a gleaming marble or granite countertop, is also an assured way to make a strong impression on potential buyers.

To maximize value addition further, you may also wish to consider extending the kitchen. The increase in value is likely to be more pronounced if your kitchen is currently on the smaller side.

#2: Create striking curb appeal

Taken altogether, the projects that add the most value to a home focus on curb appeal, CNBC reports.

The natural place to start is with a fresh coat of paint.

Then, you may want to give your garage door a facelift. And that’s a part of your home’s exterior that you can’t afford to cut corners on. The garage door automatically dictates what people see from the street. And that, in turn, influences how much you can reasonably list your property for.

As CNBC finds, a garage door facelift can give property owners a return on investment of up to 94%.

#3: Level up the exterior with a deck


Having an outdoor space for relaxation continues to be a top concern for home buyers. The homes that fetch the highest are consistently those with yards that owners fully experience.

Remodelling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report finds the average increase to property value to be 7%, depending on factors such as size and extra features.

Your new deck can make a larger contribution to your home’s value with a dedicated seating area, multiple stairs, and mood features such as built-in flower pots.

If you’re still years from when you think you’ll sell your home, this is a DC home improvement project that gives you more enjoyment within the time you have left at the property. That, apart from the impressive value enhancement, is another advantage to give a bit more thought.

#4: Install energy-efficient windows

While the housing market may at the surface seem influenced by the visual and experiential features of a home, the functional ones are no less important. And today’s modern buyer is highly conscious of that.

Energy-efficient windows significantly increase home value because they ensure comfortable conditions throughout the year. Plus, buyers worry about the large utility bill savings they miss out on with inefficient windows.

While there can be further still to go to maximize energy efficiency, starting with the windows is simple and effective. And it results in an immediate and remarkable increase to your home’s value.

Maximize the return on your property with a DC home improvement project

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