10 trending ideas for a kitchen remodel in Washington, D.C.

Dec 2, 2021 | 0 comments

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your kitchen, now’s a great time to do so. There are a variety of current trends that can make a boring or outdated kitchen appear newer, cleaner, and a lot more stylish. No matter your kitchen style preferences, there’s something for everyone. Here are 10 trending ideas for a kitchen remodel in Washington, D.C.

1. Painted kitchens

Painting your kitchen is a great way to make it feel fresh and new. It’s a versatile option, as you can give your space a dark and moody look or a bright and cheerful appearance. Try painting your cabinets, island, or even the kitchen ceiling. It’s an easy way to achieve a customized look.

2. Dark and moody

While you may think of kitchens as typically being mostly bright white or warm wood hues, a new trend is to add dark hues to your kitchen. You can achieve this by swapping your existing countertops with dark countertops, painting the walls a dark shade, or painting the cabinets a darker color. This can give your kitchen a more sophisticated look.

3. Bright and colorful

While dark and moody kitchens are on trend, so are bright and colorful kitchens. Try adding a pop of color to your space by painting the island a vibrant color. You can also brighten your space by painting a wall a bright color or by painting the cabinets a warm hue.

4. Quartz and marble

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel in Washington, D.C., consider adding quartz or marble to your kitchen. Both are great options for countertops that can lighten the overall look and feel of your space as well as add a touch of glamor.

5. Wood finishes

If you prefer the look of natural wood to painted wood or stone, you’ll love the trend of wood finishes. Think natural wood tones, accents, and wood cabinetry. Walnut is an on-trend choice, as is using reclaimed wood for your kitchen cabinets.



6. Metal finishes

Add a touch of shine to your kitchen with metal finishes. Sleek gold finishes like faucets and hardware add a touch of elegance, while copper or brass accents offer a more subtle, slightly rustic look.

7. Clean lines

Another trend of a kitchen remodel in Washington, D.C. is to go with clean lines, especially in your cabinetry. Rather than using knobs or handles on your kitchen cabinets, try using cabinet doors that you can push or pull open without the use of hardware. This creates clean lines and a modern look.

8. Pendant lighting

Don’t forget to consider lighting when remodeling your space! Adding new light fixtures is a great way to add details that are stylish as well as functional. Pendant lighting is on-trend this year, including bar-style pendant lights, woven pendant light fixtures, and more.

9. Hidden appliances

If you’re tired of looking at your kitchen appliances, consider remodeling your kitchen with hidden appliances. What look like regular drawers or cabinet doors will open into your fridge, dishwasher, and more. This gives your kitchen a more modern appearance.

10. Lots of texture

Bring personality to your kitchen with texture and patterns. This can be accomplished through backsplash tiles with fun designs, textured light fixtures, a mixture of matte and gloss finishes, and more.

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